About Air Hudik

Air Hudik Engineering Services (Air Hudik AB) is a Swedish company established in 2007 and received its CAMO approval (EASA Part-M Subpart G and Subpart I approval) in October 2008 as one of the first in Scandinavia.

* Air Hudik has since October 2008, in average performed four (4) Airworthiness Reviews per month.

* Air Hudik has transferred about one large jet per month, several from bankruptcies/ hostile repositioning.

* Air Hudik has assisted more than 30 different operators and leasing companies.

* Air Hudik has assisted third country operators in achieving an ICAO, EASA/EASA-OPS level of standard and thereby withdrawal from the EU “Black list”.

Why us?

We have highly experienced and dedicated staff continuously trained in EASA regulations and its amendments.

We offer a wide range of services.

We have a wide range of aircraft in our approval.

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Air Hudik CAMO EASA Part M Subpart G and Subpart I organisation. Providing: ARC, Import, Export, Repositioning, AMP, Audit, and Organisation consultancy.